Scientific Program

  • TUESDAY July 5th 2022

    20:00 – 21:00 WELCOME COCKTAIL
  • WEDNESDAY July 6th 2022

      Session: Magnetic Actuators
    Chair: Manuel Vázquez. Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, Spain
    9:30 Future perspective of magnetic position sensors for pneumatic actuators in industrial applications - Kurt Kliche
    10:00 Autonomous Residual Stress Sensor Based on Magnetic Permeability - Panagiotis Priftis
    Fabrication and properties of Heusler-based nanowires with sensor/actuator application possibilities - Michal Varga
    FeGa thin films on flexible substrates for actuators in magneto-electronics - Paola Tiberto
    10:45 COFFEE BREAK
      Session: GMI
    Chair: Jon Gutiérrez. Basque Country University, Spain
    11:30 Multiferroic small-scale robots - Salvador Pané
    12:00 Development of a magnetic sensor based on magnonic materials - Basile Dufay
    12:15 Off-diagonal GMI Magnetometer Having Very Low Intrinsic Noise and Very Low Temperature Sensitivity - Christophe Dolabdjian
    12:30 Current challenges on magnetic sensors for bio-applications based on giant magnetoimpedance - Eduardo Fernandez Martin
    12:45 Stability criteria of a high sensitivity digital GMI magnetometer - Papa Silly Traore
    13:00 Off-diagonal GMI sensor temperature drift: comparison between theory and experiment. - Papa Silly Traore
    13:15 Giant magnetoimpedance sensors based on soft magnetic amorphopus alloys - Cristina Gómez Polo
    13:45 LUNCH
      Session: Hall effect - Modeling and simulation
    Chair: Paola Tiberto. National Institute of Metrological Research, Italy
    15:00 Delivering a commercially viable graphene hall effect sensor - Hugh Glass
    15:30 Computing magnetic noise with micro-magneto-mechanical simulations - Christian Dorn
    15:45 Assessment of the impact of static field inhomogeneity on the performance of miniaturized NMR devices - Guilherme Baumgarten
    Electromagnetic Field Modelling of Conductive traces for a High-precision Non-Contacting GMR Current Sensor - Cristian Mușuroi
    16:15 Inhomogeneity assessment of a commercial Benchtop NMR permanent magnet and corresponding simulated NMR - Guilherme Baumgarten
    16:30 Validation of semi-analytical method to design and optimize magnetic spring-based devices - Isaac Royo Silvestre
    16:45 - 19:00 Poster Session of Magnetic Actuator, GMI, Hall effect, Modeling and simulation, Novel magnetic materials and Scalar magnetometers
    Chair: David Navas. Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, Madrid
  • THURSDAY 7th July 2022

      Session: Metrology - Biomedical Applications of sensors and actuators
    Chair: Rastislav Varga. RVmagnetics, Slovakia
    Advantages of nanomagnetism for detecting biomarkers in biological fluids - Francisco Teran
    9:30 Low-field electromagnetic tracking using 3D magnetometer for assisted surgery - Céline Vergne
    9:45 Magnetic Soft Tactile Sensing Surface for Palpation in Minimally Invasive Surgery - Syrine Mansour
    10:00 Magnetic Footprint of Groups of Magnetotactic Bacteria - David De Cos
    10:15 Measurement of magnetic and electric pulses of a commercial Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) - Ane Miren Gutiérrez-Muto
    10:30 Magnetic nanowire characterization using the projection method and its uses in nanowarming of cryopreserved organs - Bethanie Stadler
    11:00 COFFEE BREAK
      Session: Other Applications
    Chair: Beth Stadler. University of Minessota, U.S
    11:30 Hard micro-magnets for applications in magnetic micro-systems - Nora Dempsey
    Application of Micro-Nanostructured Carbon-based Composites Materials as Microwave Absorbers - Alberto Castellano-Soria
    12:15 High-current transducer with large bandwidth - Pavel Ripka
    A Fluxgate Based Busbar Current Transducer with Frequency Invariant Point - Noby George
    12:45 Customized MFM probes based on magnetic nanorods - Miriam Jaafar
    13:00 Magnetic sensors for applications as tactile sensors in robotics - Susana Cardoso
    13:30 LUNCH
      Session: Magnetoelastic
    Chair: Evangelos Hristoforou. National Technical University of Athens, Greece
    15:00 Inductive refractometry at radio frequency for magnetic nanoparticle quantification - J.L. Marqués-Fernández
    15:15 Magnetic Source Localization by Using an Improved PostProcessing for Software Gradiometers - Christophe Dolabdjian
    Wide Microstrip Line Type Probe with Slits and Permeability Evaluation of Thick Magnetic Material - Shin Yabukami
    15:45 Nuclear magnetic resonance: from laboratory equipment to integrated sensors - Leonid Grunin
    16:15 Novel experimental setup for real-time measurements of magnetoelastic resonance-based gas sensors - Alvaro Peña
    16:30 Influence of magnetic relaxation on magnetoelastic resonance-based sensors - Beatriz Sisniega
    16:45 - 19:00 Poster Session: Biomedical Aplications, Other Applications, Magnetoelastic, Fluxgate, induction y Magnetoresistance
    Restaurant “La Casa de Cristal” (C. Pedro Muguruza, 1, 28036 Madrid)
  • FRIDAY 8th July 2022

      Session: Applications of spin phenomena - Novel Magnetic materials
    Chair: Pilar Marín. Complutense University, Spain
    9:00 Gas sensors using magnetic nanoparticles and spin waves for breath analysis - Juan Diego Aguilera Martín
    9:15 Nickel three-dimensional Nano-Networks with a single transversal channel interconnexions plane: Magnetization reversal experiments and simulations - Ruy Sanz
    9:30 Time-resolved oscillation of a single domain wall in a magnetic microwire - Esther Calle
    9:45 Fe3O4[MOU1]  Nanoparticles combined with MIL100Fe(III) for water remediation - Jon Gutierrez
    10:00 Optimizing large-area nanopillar arrays for magnetic applications - José Miguel García-Martín
    10:15 Permalloy nanodome surfaces on PEEK/TiO2 vertical nanotubes composites - Ruy Sanz
    Magnetocaloric effect in arrays of magnetite nanotubes - Victor Vega
    10:45 Electrodeposition of magnetoelastic thin films - N. Cotón
    11:00 COFFEE BREAK
      Session: Induction - Magnetoresistence
    Chair: Manuel Barandiarán. Basque Country University, Spain
    11:30 Advances of bistable microwires for sensing applications - Rastislav Varga
    Design of a portable susceptometer based on magnets - Alejandro Rivelles
    12:15 Calibration of a magnetic Susceptometer for in-situ determination of the complex magnetic susceptibility - Jose Luis Mesa Uña
    Spin-orbit torque enabled magnetic sensors and applications - Yihong Wu
    12:45 Influence of the electric current in AMR sensors modeling - Guillermo Gestoso
    Study of magnetoresistance in superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-δ quasi-one-dimensional microwires - Rubén Corcuera


  • Abstracts reception:
    From March 7th to April 21st 2022 (23:59 CET TIME)
  • Communication Abstracts acceptance:
    May 2022
  • Early Registration:
    till June 7th 2022
  • Papers reception:
    June 1st till June 22nd 2022
  • Conference:
    July 5th to July 8th 2022


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